Comfort Strap, Oxygen Cannula Support Comfort Strap, Oxygen Cannula Support
Comfort Strap, Oxygen Cannula Support

Prevent decubitis ulcers caused by cannula lines or aid in the healing of existing sores.

The Comfort Strap® Oxygen Cannula Support has been designed to relieve the painful discomfort caused from cannula lines that are supported by the ears during oxygen therapy.

Comfort Strap® can save hospitals thousands of dollars a year. Pressure ulcers are usually expensive, painful and preventable. They are also one of the conditions for which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will not reimburse, unless it is proven that the patient had the condition upon hospital admission.
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Pressure Ulcer Reduction Project Results from the University Health System, Inc. in Knoxville, TN

Outcomes: The 9 East NDNQI Pressure ulcer rate decreased to zero percent for the second and third quarters of 2008. In the fourth quarter, we continued to stay below the national benchmark at 3.3%

Recommendations: All patients should be assessed for evidence of and risk for skin breakdown at the ears. If the patient is wearing chronic oxygen or oxygen for an extended period, Comfort Straps® should be applied as a pressure relieving device. Comfort Straps® should be available in all Omni cells next to the oxygen tubing as a reminder for use.

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Comfort Strap® Oxygen Cannula Supports are packaged and sealed for single patient use in boxes of 25. Straps are avaliable in beige or white. Single strap purchases are now available through Amazon.

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